Together, we can lessen the impact on our environment!

In the spirit of our corporate philosophy of Kyosei – all people, regardless of race, religion or culture, harmoniously living and working together into the future – Canon takes an approach to business that is socially responsible and economically logical.

Canon is committed to building a better world for future generations through our technology.

Environmentally Conscious Products

Throughout a product's lifecycle, Canon strives to develop products that are environmentally friendly--many of which earned the Energy Star rating from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing & Logistics

Our manufacturing processes seeks to prevent global warming by reducing GHG (greenhouse gases) emissions, promote energy efficiency and resource efficiency by reducing waste, and manage chemical substances to reduce emissions of controlled chemical substances.

Our logistics operations have been modified to shorten transportation distance through the modification of logistics sites and distribution routes to ultimately reduce CO2 emission.

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Environmental Technology

Viewing the product lifecycle in terms of its three stages - produce, use and recycle - Canon contributes to minimizing environmental burden through the effective application of environmental technologies.

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Green Procurement

Canon has been taking action to reduce energy use, conserve resources, and eliminate hazardous substances in the procurement of raw materials, parts, and commercially available products that are used to manufacture our products. Furthermore, Canon promotes awareness to employees regarding the purchase of office supplies based on the green certification system.

Return & Recycle

We are promoting inverse manufacturing (IM), in which used products collected from customers are disassembled and sorted and their parts reused.

Canon pioneered the collection of used toner cartridges in 1990 as a voluntary measure, even before regulations were established. We started toner cartridge recycling the following year.

Community Programs

Our commitment to future generations is shown by our involvement in community programs that promote community involvement and environmental education.

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Further Resources

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